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    Composite Bonding Loughborough – Achieving the Perfect Smile

    Composite bonding (or Edge Bonding) is a relatively new and cost-effective approach to fix teeth. They are done either for cosmetic reasons or to restore a tooth following damage i.e. normal wear and tear, or trauma. It is simple and effective and involves bonding a tooth-coloured filling material onto your existing tooth in order to improve its shape, position, height, width and/or colour. Bonding is pain-free and we rarely need to use any local anaesthetic or drills. As long as your teeth and gums are health, anyone can have composite bonding.

    Why choose Sherwood House Dental Practice for your Composite Bonding?

    Our dentists are fully trained and keep up-to-date with all new systems, methods and materials to ensure you achieve a smile that you are truly happy with. We are one of the leading practices in Loughborough and our state of the art 3D scanner makes treatment planning easy and comfortable.

    Composite bonding is all about creating the smile of your dreams and to give your confidence a boost. Certain problems like yellow teeth, chipped teeth, misaligned or crooked teeth and staining can all affect your self-esteem – we at Sherwood House Dental Practice want you to be proud of your smile. It’s great because its often a cheap option compared to other treatments like crowns and veneers.

    We at SH Dental have many patients from all across the Midlands including clients from Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry, Derby etc. that have entrusted us to provide them with the smile they’ve always wanted.

    What does the process involve?

    When you attend for your free consultation at Sherwood House Dental Practice, your dentist will ask what specific changes you want to make to your smile. They will work with you to decide what is best for you and your budget.

    Composite bonding is good because there is often no need to remove any tooth structure. Bonding is simply adding to your current tooth in order to achieve your desired result.

    Composite bonding is pain-free. Often:
    • No anaesthetic is needed
    • No drilling is needed

    So, it’s a great choice for those that may be anxious or don’t like needles.

    Composite bonding is also a great option for those that have or are having Invisalign clear braces or other Orthodontic teeth straightening treatments. Once the tooth position has been corrected, we at Sherwood House Dental Practice can offer really easy composite bonding in order to correct very minor problems that could have been caused as a result of your teeth being crooked or misaligned. This can result is totally straight and perfectly shaped teeth.

    How Much Does Composite Bonding Cost in Loughborough?

    The total cost will depend on what treatment you want or need in order to achieve the desired result. At Sherwood House Dental practice, we believe is being open and transparent regarding prices. You will be given a full treatment plan including costs before embarking on any treatment. If for whatever reason there is a change in your plan, we will let you know.

    Let us help you create the smile of your dreams.

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