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    Gummy Smiles (Gum Contouring) Loughborough

    Want that perfect smile? Then don’t forget your gums!

    Gummy smiles are when too much of the gums show when you smile. Thankfully its quick and easy to resolve with plenty of different options for each scenario.

    Often people feel self-conscious about smiling when they have gummy smiles even if their teeth are pearly white and perfectly aligned. Thankfully at Sherwood House Dental practice we can help you fix this with a few easy steps.

    Gum Contouring

    Gum contouring involves reshaping the gums by removing a thin strip and proving a more aesthetically pleasing shape. This can be done both surgically or with a laser.

    Once the gums are reshaped it can also help with cleaning and maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

    Botox® For Gummy Smiles

    For some people when they smile their lips lift too high showing more for their gums. This hyperactive muscle can be relaxed a little with a few small injections of botulinum toxin commonly known at Botox® treatment.

    This helps by reducing the activity of the muscle intern reducing how high the lip elevates on smiling. Botulinum toxin is a small protein molecule which blocks the chemical messages to the muscles. It can last between 3-6 months, it only takes a few seconds to treat and the results are apparent within a few days.

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