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    Smile Makeovers Loughborough – Perfect Your Smile Today!

    Smile makeovers are specific treatments that aim to create the smile you’ve always wanted. Your dentist as Sherwood House Dental Practice can recommend a variety of treatments from simple fillings to crowns, veneers, tooth whitening, dental implants, teeth straightening/braces like Invisalign or composite bonding.

    Why Choose Sherwood House Dental Practice for Your Smile Makeover?

    Our dentists are fully trained and keep up-to-date with all new systems and materials to ensure you achieve a smile that you are truly happy with. We are one of the leading practices in Loughborough and our state of the art 3D scanner makes treatment planning easy and comfortable.

    Smile makeovers are all about creating the smile of your dreams and to give your confidence a boost. Certain problems like yellow teeth, chipped teeth, misaligned or crooked teeth and staining can all affect your self-esteem – we at Sherwood House Dental Practice want you to be proud of your smile.

    We at SH Dental have many patients from all across the Midlands including clients from Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry, Derby etc that have entrusted us to provide them with the smile they’ve always wanted.

    What Do Smile Makeovers Involve?

    When you attend for your free consultation at Sherwood House Dental Practice, your dentist will ask what specific changes you want to make to your smile. They will work with you to decide what is best for you and your budget. These can range from simple improvements like changing metal fillings for tooth-coloured ones or an easy-to-use home tooth whitening kit. More complex treatments would require further assessment of your teeth and gums.

    Next, once you’ve decided what treatment you prefer, your dentist will design a treatment plan that is bespoke to your needs to ensure we achieve your desired smile. The dentist will run through what to expect at each appointment, an estimate of length of time to achieve the ideal smile and also all costs involved. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have.

    What Treatments may be included in a Smile Makoever?

    Your dentist at Sherwood House Dental Practice may use any of the following combination of treatment to achieve a smile you’re truly happy with:

    1) Fillings – changing old silver fillings for tooth-coloured ones
    2) Crowns or Veneers – to improve the colour, position and size of your teeth
    3) Dental Implants or Bridges – to replace teeth that are missing
    4) Braces or other Orthodontics e.g. Invisalign – to correct crooked/misaligned teeth
    5) Tooth whitening – to brighten your smile and improve your confidence
    6) Composite Bonding or Edge Bonding – designed to improve cracks, gaps, chips and other minor issues but is much more conservative than some other options.

    How Much Do Smile Makeovers Cost in Loughborough?

    The total cost will depend on what treatment you want or need in order to achieve the desired result.

    At Sherwood House Dental practice, we believe is being open and transparent regarding prices. You will be given a full treatment plan including costs before embarking on any treatment. And if, for whatever reason, there needs to be any change made in your plan, we’ll consult with you beforehand.

    Let us help you create the smile of your dreams.

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